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Technical introduction
Technical introduction

Technology and equipment for rapid production of bio organic fertilizer

Organic wastes can be rapidly produced into bio organic fertilizer, including Platycodon grandiflorum, corn stalk, fruit and vegetable residue, livestock manure (pig manure / chicken manure / cow manure, etc.) from the breeding industry, and leftovers, expired raw materials and products of food industry, soy sauce industry, pulp industry, liquor industry, etc.

The application fields and scope include: breeders, crop Platycodon grandiflorum, fruit and vegetable market, agricultural processing plant, food processing plant, organic fertilizer manufacturer, chemical fertilizer manufacturer, etc.

With a number of patents, it can quickly convert waste and surplus materials into valuable organic fertilizer.

In addition to providing diversified, low-cost, fast processing, high-quality and non-odor organic fertilizer, the technical advantages are also conducive to carbon emission reduction and the creation of value-added chain of circular economy.

Provide the reaction technology with commercial operation of catalytic organic waste combined with equipment, so as to achieve the goal of producing organic fertilizer from organic waste within 2 ~ 3 hours.

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